News Updater is a small software that can provide a clear and easy Grafical User Interface for anyone who wants to update his/her site.

First a template needs to be created to reflect the look and feel of the site.

Then some FTP data, filenames and locations (where the files should be put) are required. After this anyone will be able to upload an article to your site with ease. No scripting knowledge is required, it's quick and easy.

News Updater is a stand-alone program which does not need any CGI-bin or database installed on the hosting server. This means that it can be used for any static site. Your only requirement is FTP support.

The News Updater solution for CMS also speeds up a site's performance. A static page can be delivered much faster than any script-generated page since no database needs to be inquired for content.

News Updater supports the following features:

- Text decoration like Bold Italics Underlined and Striked.

- Images are automatically resized to maximum constraints preserving the aspect ratio.

- Automatic HTML Charter code conversion.

- Automatic link and E-mail detection (makes the url work as a hyperlink).

- Password protection.

News Updater is free for personal non-commercial use. However for some features like password protection and a customized about-box (with your logo), registration is required.