newsXpresso is a practical and reliable software solution that provides you with an intuitive way of reading the latest news and articles.

The main window of the application displays all the articles in several categories such as Finance, Travel, Sports, Technology and Lifestyle. However, you are able to add your own categories so you can enhance your reading experience and choose only the articles you are interested in.

What’s more, the utility enables you to add RSS feeds and channels from your favorite webpages and stay up-to-date with the latest news. You can even add personal YouTube collections so you can listen to your favorite music while working on your projects.

After pointing the mouse on a specific category, the utility allows you to navigate through various articles and read only the ones you like most or those which caught your attention.

The application provides you with useful options that sets it apart from other traditional news readers including intuitive reading experience, easy social network sharing and efficient tag organization.

Although the main window is well organized and provides you with useful tools for an easy navigation, you might get stuck when you need to go back in order to select another category.

There are no available buttons such as Close or Minimize, however you can view in the right corner a transparent panel that helps you to zoom in and zoom out, as well as switch back and fort between various articles.

Another aspect that makes newsXpresso to stand out is that it provides you with the privilege of scanning your preferred news while taking a break or listening to music.

To wrap it up, newsXpresso is a useful and effective news reader that helps you to manage your own favorite RSS feeds and channels, as well as read the latest news from various domains such as sport, finance or technology.