If you are a writer trying to expand your public, you can always take matters into your own hands, especially if you prefer not to count on a publishing house.

While no one can contest professional help, if you are writing experimentally and simply need to test your audience, an application such as Next FlipBook Maker Pro could prove of great help since it enables you to create beautiful flipbooks you can easily share with anyone.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the application sports an intuitively organized user interface that makes navigation a breeze.

Creating HTML5 and Flash flipbooks is thus something that can be done by users regardless of their level of experience, even though the program’s rich feature set makes it a competitive tool on the market.

As mentioned, creating inspiring ebooks, magazines, brochures, and whatnot can be done based on personal and pre-defined resources as well, with a multitude of templates being available for you to choose from. Each page of your flipbook can be editing and enriched with all sorts of content.

Adding text, inserting images, music, videos, graphs, shapes, buttons, and much more can be easily done, as is the case of coming up with hyperlinks, a personal logo, etc..

Bookmarks can be used to highlight notable content whereas hiding it partially or entirely is also a possibility, with the application guaranteeing your privacy once you add a password to your flipbook.

However, considering that, generally speaking, users are actually interested in disseminating information via flipbooks, and not restraining it, you should know that the software utility is capable of storing your newly created products online, by resorting to the integrated cloud hosting service.

On an ending note, Next FlipBook Maker Pro is a capable piece of software packing a wide variety of tools that can be employed when trying to materialize your ideas. Creating magazines, brochures, ebooks does not require that you invest considerable effort, with the program's GUI making the entire task hassle-free.