If you spend hours each week copying and pasting data from accounting reports into spreadsheets, there is an easier way to do the job. If you are still waiting for the IT department to create data extraction programs for you, there is a tool that will let you do the job yourself, without writing custom programs.

NeXtract Professional is an application which helps users to exctract and convert their reports into excel spreadheets. It is normally used with accounting or CRM reports. These reports can be in text files, or PDF form. You may download them to your desktop computer or laptop computer through FTP, or they may be on a network drive. The reports are usually provided to you by your IT department. NeXtract also interfaces directly with our LaserVault report archiving system.

The purpose of NeXtract is to be able to rejuvenate data that is stored on a report, by reconditioning it back into digital data that the user can then processs in new ways with general purpose applications such as Excel or Microsoft Access.

There is no need to manually copy data from a report into another program with LaserVault’s NeXtract feature. With the press of a button, you can extract the information stored in any of your LaserVault reports for analysis purposes.

NeXtract is perfect for end users, since there is no need to generate custom programs to extract needed data. Instead, end users can generate their own data extraction templates quickly and easily using NeXtract's WYSIWYG template editor.

All you have to do is print your report to a disk file instead of on paper. NeXtract reads that report and applies a data extraction template to convert the print characters into data fields. The data extractions can be automated, so a single click of the mouse does the report-to-spreadsheet transformation instantly. After the report extraction is complete, the data can be manipulated as desired.