NGTuner is a lightweight and very simple to work with piece of software whose main purpose resides in helping you tune your guitar to the EADGBE standards, in just a few swift moves.

Appearance-wise, the application comprises a single, non-adjustable window, where it features all of its functions, so you will not need to look for them too intently.

Aside from your guitar, you will also need a microphone that can capture the sounds it makes when plucking the strings.

To get started, you can connect your audio input device and select it from the dedicated menu, if several options are available, then start playing your guitar, each note from the ‘Standard E’ system at a time.

A stylized image of your guitar neck in a mirror is displayed, indicating the lugs that need turning in order to adjust the strings. The utility will also analyze the frequency of the sounds, displaying the results in the lower left corners of the main window.

The ‘Reference’ section enables you to determine which precise Hz value corresponds to each string. At the same time, a fine tuning needle helps you match the proper EADGBE frequency, as close as possible, indicating the note when it is played correctly.

Overall, NGTuner proves to be an effective and intuitive program that you can resort to for getting your guitar strings back into audio shape whenever you feel the instrument has begun to sound off tune.