Keeping your PC and its system running smoothly for as long as possible before a clean reinstall can be done either directly, using manual maintenance techniques, or by resorting to dedicated software. There is an increasing variety of apps that offer PC maintenance facilities, and NickWare Essential O makes no exception. Equipped to deliver an accessible way for you to optimize, clean, monitor, and care for your system, it also packs several other useful tools.

The app embraces simplicity at its core and provides all of its features through the aid of four main categories, which allow users to easily identify and decide what to do. Regardless if you wish to perform maintenance tasks, monitoring or gather network information, it’s all centralized.

Having set-up an account (which is mandatory for using the app), users will then be able to perform the optimization process on all of their registered devices.

A quick scan will reveal what the state of your PC looks like and the app goes one step further and provides an optimization list, which can help you sort out your priorities much easier. Furthermore, the scan will also yield a series of diagrams, which can be a good way of telling what needs to be done in terms of cleaning.

One can also opt for performing an adaptive care process, which is carried out on a scheduled basis and which offers a good set of statistics log after each optimization step.

If you seek an app that can help you maintain and improve your PC’s performance and which is not overly complex, give NickWare Essential O a try. Featuring straightforward handling and lots of cool features, it can provide you with the means to keep a smoothly running system.