Nifty Photo Publisher is a small and simple application that was designed with the aim to help people set up picture galleries in a very short time.

It also lets you add your own copyright text over the gallery pictures and automatically creates thumbnail images sized as required.

Nifty Photo Publisher can be used by various people to complete different kinds of jobs. See the following list for examples:

■ Webmasters: Online picture galleries can be created in seconds.

■ Marketing: Presentations can be created for CD or other multimedia distribution.

■ Media: Even if no gallery is required, Nifty Photo Publisher is ideal to change the size of all the pictures contained in a folder with a single click

Here are some key features of "Nifty Photo Publisher":

■ User just selects the folder in which the gallery pictures are located

■ Thumbnail sizes can be set in different modes according to user preference

■ Copyright text can be added easily in desired font, size and color

■ Batch conversion: all pictures are modified at one go

■ Folders are automatically created for storing your gallery of pictures and their thumbnails


■ Microsoft .net framework


■ 15 uses