Nimbus Note is an advanced note taking application that enables you to create and organize your notes and to-do lists in a comfortable manner.

Its utmost advantage is that it an synchronize the content with your Nimbus online account, so that you can read your notes no matter where you are, as long as an Internet connection is available.

Thanks to the integrated text editor, creating a new note is a very simple task. You start typing the content directly in the main window and change the text style by changing the font type, size and color.

Moreover, the editor comes with indentation control, paragraph layout customization, superscript and subscript options, while also enabling you to insert pictures, tables and hyperlinks into the note.

The clean look of the interface makes it very easy to work with, since all the functions and options are a click away. The notes you create can be categorized for easier identification and sorted by various criteria, such as the creation date, the name, the size or the 'to-do' entry.

Notes can be tagged so that you can find them easier using the dedicated search function. Additionally, you can assign them a to-do list containing all the tasks you must complete to achieve a goal.

Nimbus Note is a good choice for anyone, enabling users to manage their notes within a single modern-looking and organized working environment. It supports importing notes from Evernote, text and Word files.

As mentioned before, one important advantage is that it can sync the notes with the Nimbus servers, thus enabling you to access them from any other device. The upload restriction for the free version is of 100 MB per month, with a note size limit of 50MB. If you need more, you can upgrade to the Pro version, but this should be more than enough for the regular user.