Although annoying for most of us, cookie banners serve two main purposes, namely to let visitors know that their data is being collected and to ask for consent. While some websites specify how the data is being used, others do not provide too much details on this and force you to accept to view the content.

Ninja Cookie is an extension for Chrome that rejects the cookie collections by websites and automatically removes those irritating banners.

The idea behind the extension is to provide protection for users who typically just click allow cookies just to make their life easier. However, by accepting this, you should be aware that you are agreeing to the use of advertisement and tracking cookies that can collect browsing data and personal information.

Here is where the extension comes in and blocks the cookies that can be blocked from these banners to save you time. In fact, as some users pointed out, you do not have to bother with banners at all on certain websites as they disappear by themselves. According to the developer, unlike similar tools that manage cookies, the extension removes the banner by refusing the use of advertisement and tracking cookies.

It is worth mentioning that that tool may not work in some situations. Simply put, depending on the website you are visiting, the extension may detect the banner, but is unable to set it up. It decides to hide it and recommends you to go to the Settings menu and configure your own alternative lists. Unfortunately, the alert is quite small and there is a good chance you miss it.

Even though it is not capable of removing cookies completely, Ninja Cookie can turn off the ones typically found in banners and that may be used to track your browsing habits.