niurosoft ReaDit2005 is text to speech software using the best Text to speech Technology in the world. Do you know that paper is 10 times easier to read than a computer screen? niurosoft ReaDit2005 can read any text on your computer for you.

Do you know that niurosoft ReaDit Speak is 20 times easier to read then a paper? ReaDit2005 allows you to adjust pitch, speed, and volume, select a voice of your choice, and highlight words as they are spoken. ReaDit2005's text to speech software reads everything copied to the clipboard from any application

niurosoft ReaDit2005 will allow you to listen to emails, online news, clipboard text and entire text documents spoken by different computer voices.

Here are some key features of "niurosoft ReaDit2005":

■ Auto Reads any text in Clipboard

■ Generate Mp3 Files from Text

■ Transparent Forms

■ Easy interfaces and free voices

■ Highlighting of currently spoken words

■ Global Hot keys for all functions


■ 30 days trial