Creating new music is a process as diverse as the tastes that dictate which composers become popular and which don't. Thus, the number of applications designed to assist users in creating original songs has increased exponentially.

Noatikl is one such tool, specifically developed to help users compose generative music tracks. It should be noted that the application is not a generic music composer and users who are not interested in this type of music will not draw any value from it.

The application features a highly intuitive and easy to grasp interface that will allow newcomers to generate original tracks within seconds of running the tool. Indeed, one could say the application allows users to 'paint' new tracks, because linking musical elements is performed via connectors activated with simple mouse gestures.

Noatikl features a very generous starter's package, as it comes equipped with more than 120 parameters and 380 built-in generative music templates. A maximum number of 16 MIDI tracks can be employed at any time and the scripting language included in the package ensures users will generate original melodies.

There are multiple parameters to adjust, such as sound delays, tempo values and even the actual scales employed. The built-in player allows users to preview their work at any time, before exporting it to Clipboard. If a microphone is available, users can even capture their own sounds and insert them into the new composition.

In conclusion, Noatikl is a great tool for anyone passionate about creating original generative music from built-in samples.