Without denying that there is always a chance to download spyware and malware along with your documents, P2P files sharing is also fast, easy and enables you to select the exact files you want to download.

Noggle is a program that provides you with an extensive toolset to aids you create a unified access point for documents and make them searchable within a secure P2P network.

While the setup itself is an overall simple and straightforward process, you should know that you need to create an account to share and access documents from other peers. After you are done with the initial client setup, you can proceed to manage and index the files and folders that you want to share.

Depending on the number of files you have in the library, the indexing can take up to a few minutes. Nevertheless, considering that the idea is to make the files on your local storage devices searchable, it means that users can only locate documents they might need in your library. In case they require a certain file or document, then they have to contact you directly.

The advantage of the technique is that you can decide who gets access to certain documents, a feature that can be useful when your are managing a team. On the other hand, it makes the entire process time-consuming, and speed is an option that P2P file sharing is highly appreciated for.

It is necessary to mention that the program comes with tools that enable text indexing and searching and it would have been nice if it could support other types of files as well.

Then again, the app is capable of parsing and pre-process plain text from a wide variety of sources, such as Word, PDF, PowerPoint or Excel, for instance. Moreover, it is secure and the libraries you share are encrypted and obfuscated.

In the eventuality that you need to share parts of your local drives with colleagues or experts in your work field, but still want to decide who gets to see what document, then Noggle might be the tool to help you out.