If you own a Windows Phone Nokia handset and you also enjoy the features of Nokia MixRadio, then you will also appreciate Nokia Music for Windows 8, as it is a reliable software solution for listening to your preferred tunes on your PC or tablet.

The application can be run on all computers running Windows 8 or 8.1, no matter if they are x86 or x64, so you first need to upgrade your OS before being able to explore the featureset of Nokia Music for Windows 8.

You need to start by signing in with your Nokia username and password, so as to gain access to the playlists and mixes you have previously created on your mobile phone.

When you want to create a new mix of audio tracks, you need to specify three artists that you like best, then Nokia Music for Windows 8 will start playing songs that you are most likely to enjoy from artists similar to the ones you mentioned. If you want to experience some new music, you can play one of the mixes already created by other Nokia users.

Additionally, due to Nokia Music for Windows 8 you can also create a database with your favorite artists, so that you can get notified whenever news related to them is posted (about their upcoming gigs or album releases, but also about all the new created mixes that also include their tracks).

One of the most appealing functions of Nokia Music for Windows 8 is that you can pin your preferred mix to the Start Screen so you can play it with a single mouse click whenever you want to. Additionally, you can also take it offline, so you can enjoy it even if your PC or tablet is not longer connected to the Internet.

All in all, Nokia Music for Windows 8 can help you enjoy your preferred tracks both online and offline, no matter if you own a PC or a tablet.