Notation Composer is a software tool which enables you to create songs, upload MID, MIDI, NOT and KAR files, add notes and record audio input.

You are met with a pretty well-organized layout, as it comprises a menu bar, multiple buttons, and a pane in which to view the music sheet of the uploaded item. Extensive Help contents and tutorials are provided, thus ensuring that both beginners and highly experienced individuals can easily work with this application.

This utility enables you to create songs from scratch with the help of a wizard, as well as open your own audio tracks, as long as they come in a MID, MIDI, NOT or KAR file format. It is also possible to download MIDI files from the Internet, export your projects to the HDD as MID, KAR or XML files, or print everything directly.

Aside from that, built-in playback buttons enable you to play songs, go to the end of the track or stop it altogether. The volume can be adjusted with the help of a slider bar, you can start recording audio input with just a click of the button, and you can zoom in or out with ease.

It is possible to add notes, rests, accents and articulations, lyrics, brackets, clefs, key signatures, expressions and lines, customize layout, piano rolls and note velocity. Last but not least, you can add information such as song title, composer, arranger, lyricist, copyist, copyright message and other details you deem necessary.

To sum up, Notation Composer is an efficient piece of software for composing music and editing it. It does not require large amounts of resources in order to work properly and did not pop any errors or hang in our tests. The interface is intuitive and there are sufficient options to keep you glued to your computer for quite a while.