Be it that you’re an avid music aficionado, who keeps an entire audio collection offline, or just someone who’s really keen on having music ready for offline use, being able to download audio files from the Internet can be a lifesaver. Thankfully, there are numerous online services, as well as desktop solutions that provide such functionality. One such app is NoteCable Spotify Music Converter, which, just as its name suggests, is specialized in offering users the ability to download their favorite tracks from Spotify.

The application features a classic interface, which, for convenience, basically loads the Spotify Web player medium, which allows users to select their tracks much easier. However, they still need to login into their respective accounts in order to be able to access the audio content.

Having done so, once a preferred artist or album has been selected, the app will automatically detect all the media that is available for download. Not only that, but it will also offer a useful selector widow, where one can easily choose which tracks to keep and which not. Neat.

Speaking about track selection, users will be able to select individual or multiple tracks, and the app will process them sequentially. We found this to be quite useful, as it enables one to quickly go through a potential “download list”, in a very effective manner.

All-in-all, the handling, and features on offer provided by NoteCable Spotify Music Converter are quite sufficient for the needs of the average user, as a balance between simplicity and function is well-maintained.

Give this app a try, if you seek a tool that can help you save your favorite Spotify tracks, in just a few simple clicks.