Teaming up and collaboration can usually become chaotic, especially when it is required to share all kinds of things like new information or the choices made, as well as sketching out projects and plans so that everyone can cooperate effectively.

Sharing documents or notes can sometimes feel like a complete mess as well, despite our best efforts. But this is where Notejoy comes in, trying to make your workflow management a bit less cluttered.

As an application that was built for people who need to plan and work together, Notejoy can provide real-time document collaboration, which allows you to share effortlessly with your team or co-workers.

It supports many platforms and can be integrated with Slack to make your collaborations easier. In Notejoy, all that you create and all of your work is arranged into libraries. You have a personal library but can also create team libraries that can be shared with anyone you wish.

Your company, department, team, clients, or whoever you work with, anyone can get access to improve cooperation. You must be aware that, when you share something with others, they automatically can see all the content in that specific library.

When you create a note inside a shared library, others that have access can automatically see it. The best thing about a library in Notejoy is that you can work together and create notes, or have discussions in real-time with other people.

Another great feature is that it lets you easily find the information you share. Instead of running many searches and opening lots of tabs, you can scan through all the information incredibly fast with the Notejoy search function, which allows you to seamlessly go through your notes.

Notejoy is a very useful app that provides a friendly interface inside a platform where you can better organize your work with the people on your team.