Whenever you come across an interesting bit of information online, you can either remember it for later use, or you can save it - NoteLedge is one of the apps that can assist with the latter.

The application comes with a straightforward and user-friendly interface which is meant to encourage even novices to take it for a spin.

As soon as you create a new note, you can easily add new pages that can later be populated with snippets of information; alternatively, you can duplicate the current page.

You can navigate to the next or the previous page, you can set the main window to fit to screen or you can export the entire note to PNG. In addition, you can personalize the cover of your note with a picture from your PC.

Since NoteLedge's purpose is to help you organize bits of online data, it comes as no surprise that you can attach various types of items to your notes. More specifically, you can attach text messages, images (JPEG, BMP or PNG), videos (MP4), audio files (MP3) or recordings.

When it comes to graphic files, you can rotate and resize them with only a few mouse clicks.

You can also manually draw onto the main window of NoteLedge, and you can customize the type of brush, its size, opacity and color. On the downside, if you accidentally erase part of your note, you cannot undo the action so you need to re-draw it once more.

If you are not pleased with your freehand note, you can easily delete the page.

All in all, NoteLedge has the potential to become a powerful utility to help you with your scrapbooks, research or basic note-taking. However, some users might be disappointed by the few attachment formats supported by the app.