Most chord instruments have a lot in common, although the sounds they produce can certainly vary, giving the ukulele and violin as a distinguishable example. Learning to play any of these instruments requires a lot of practice and a good knowledge of the music notes that can be played on a particular instrument.

NotesFinder is a handy and fun to use tool that can help you study your favorite chord instrument and learn the chord positioning of each playable note. you can use it to study the guitar, electric bass, ukulele, violin, mandolin, banjo and balalaika.

The application allows you to learn the fret position of each musical notation that can be played on a chord instrument, by highlighting the spots that need to be pressed when exercising that particular instrument. This is done interactively, by either sliding your mouse over a music sheet and seeing a music note and its position, or by hovering over the chords, thus revealing a note’s name and sheet positioning.

Aside from this, the program ingeniously plays the corresponding sound of a music note whenever it is being clicked on, as if it was played from a real instrument.

NotesFinder can help you test your knowledge on music notations and their fretboard placement with ease. By highlighting a certain note on the fretboard and letting you choose its correct name, you are testing your knowledge regarding musical sheets and notations.

As each answer is recorded, regardless of its correctitude, you are provided with detailed statistics on your test.

To sum it up, NotesFinder offers you the opportunity to learn any of your favorite chord instrument with ease, by displaying the correct notation placement on both a music sheet and a fretboard.