Notesnook is not just another note-taking application, but one that focuses on privacy and data security more than anything else. Its purpose is to store all your notes securely in an encrypted vault that is impossible to break into, due to a combination of military-grade encryption algorithms and password-protected storage.

While you can work with Notesnook without logging in, creating an account does bring you the benefit of synchronizing notes to multiple devices. In other words, you will be able to access all your notes from any other device with a Notesnook client installed, all without any compromise on privacy and security.

The note editor takes most of the main window, providing basic text and paragraph manipulation tools that you find in any regular text editor. It is worth mentioning that there is a focus mode that hides all the unnecessary panels, allowing you to read your notes quietly and focus on their content only. Furthermore, the dark mode makes it possible to enjoy reading even during nighttime without risking eye strain.

Several notebooks can be created in Notesnook, each containing one or more notes. In turn, each notebook can be assigned a custom title, a description and a list of topics, all to help you stay organized, even when creating many notes. You can create shortcuts for your notebooks to access them faster, directly from the main window. Alternatively, individual notes can be marked as favorites and opened much easier.

Notesnook features built-in note search and keeps all your notes organized not only in separate folders, but also with attached tags that allow fast filtering.

Note sharing is possible in Notesnook thanks to Monographs. You can publish a note as a monograph and, in return, you get a public URL that allows you to share the content of the note with others. Notesnook does not need to be installed to be able to view content shared via monographs. And, of course, their content can be encrypted with a password.

While other note-taking applications also come with privacy tools, Notesnook uses advanced encryption algorithms, such as XChaCha20-Poly1305-IETF and Argon2 to secure your data, claiming that your data is extremely secure. Aside from the modern-looking and well-organized interface, its utmost features are on-device encryption and end-to-end encrypted syncing.