Nowadays, there are a lot of incredibly powerful collaboration tools and platforms for all tastes and needs. Unfortunately, finding the perfect method for project collaboration and knowledge management for you and your team usually means having to use multiple platforms which can be a bit "messy."

Meet Notion, a new-age, and well-thought-out piece of software that offers all the real-time collaboration, document editing, and visual organization features for you and your team need to get projects done as efficiently as possible. Combine everything of the above with Slack integration, and this should already be a very compelling package.

To get it up and running, you have to undergo a hassle-free installation process and an even simpler log in procedure which only requires you to enter your official Google credentials.

If up until now everything sounds good, you will definitely like this app even more once you get your hands on it. For starters, it comes with a neatly-arranged, reactive, and distraction-free UI, which combined with support for drag and drop, makes everything feel very intuitive.

With a bit of practice, you can create comprehensive task boards, simple text documents, knowledge bases, coding documents, team handbooks, and even roadmaps with just a few mouse clicks and in practically no time.

Even better, you can add various types of media content starting from images, videos, web bookmarks all the way up to TeX equations, discussions, templates, everything with drag and drop from the side panel, as mentioned before.

Referencing a collaborator, scheduling meetings, and various tasks, as well as importing content from HTML, Markdown or Word files is also something that you can do just as easily.

There a few more appurtenances that deserve to be mentioned like the fact that the app automatically converts Markdown shortcuts to rich content and that you can also export projects as PDFs and Markdown files, as well as publish them on websites.

Can Notion really revolutionize the way you work and collaborate with your team on various projects? We can't come up with a definitive answer since it all depends on your specific needs and, as we're sure you know, there's always room for improvement.

Notion is no exception. It could surely do with a mobile app, for example, and integration with other collaboration services might also be a massive plus, especially for users who work on multiple teams, not all of which use Notion.

Nevertheless, by all accounts, Notion is a very well-designed app that surely has the potential to improve your workflow and has enough things going for it to make you give up or at least cut down on other apps or web services.