NovaBACKUP NAS is a piece of software designed specifically for small businesses interested in ensuring that files and folders are kept safe even when operating on multi-server networks.

The application includes two different tools, namely NovaBACKUP Business Essentials and NovaBACKUP Central Management Console, so that users can enjoy simple management of both local machines and remote computers.

The program can be used in a multitude of configurations, which include multiple servers on the same network or on multiple networks, while providing fast access to different backups from a single interface, which simplifies the management operations.

The software provides users with the possibility to backup data on the workstations inside their business' network in order to ensure that no important files are lost in case of a disaster.

The tool supports the creation of an image of the local hard drive, which ensures that data is kept safe even if the hardware fails.

Users can also backup their data in the cloud, which offers further insurance that no files would be lost in the event that the entire network is compromised or fails.

The utility can be used to schedule various backup operations, which ensures that new files are saved periodically and that their latest version is kept safe. Users can restore any of these files whenever they are, as the tool also supports simply copying actions.

With the help of the included Central Management Console, users can manage the created backups for any of the workstations within the company's network, and they can also schedule backup and restore operations from there.

All in all, NovaBACKUP NAS is a powerful enterprise application that can help IT administrators easily backup data on the computers withing a company's network, while also providing them with management features from a single, online interface. The app supports multiple configurations, which makes it suitable for multi-server, multi-network businesses.