NovaMind Mind Mapping is a comprehensive yet user-friendly application compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1 and designed to offer a simple and efficient way to create graphs using a single parent and multiple children in order to organize and manage activities similar to mind maps. It lets you create diagrams easily by adding your ideas to a blank dashboard. It features various themes, highlighting, images, adornments and a full range of editing and inserting functions.

The app is installed through Windows Store and wrapped in a modern and interactive interface that comes with a working area and a neatly structured rotative menu, where you can quickly access all the tool's options. Plus, right-clicking on the panel brings up the same menu divided into distinct and colorful categories. In order to access the app, you need to login into your NovaMind account or create a new on the developer's website.

All the diagrams can be copied, cut or pasted to specific areas for full customization and, if wish to go back to the previous design, you can use the undo and redo commands. The styling section lets you change both the background of the layout and the aspect of each topic by offering a color palette to choose from. You can also insert images either from the provided gallery or from PC, along with adornments, which are divided into individual categories, such as bossiness, symbols, people or objects.

Moreover, if you need to create more complex charts, you can enter as many siblings and children as you like, as well as write text and attach important notes. All the content can be edited or removed at any given time, and it's possible to transform diagrams into checkboxes.

Once you are done, the files can be exported to NovaMind, PNG or TXT formats and saved to the desired folder on the computer. Accessing the gallery gives you the ability to view recently created charts and select an already made template for your next design.

Taking everything into account, NovaMind Mind Mapping is a reliable and accessible program created to offer an efficient way to put your numerous ideas in an attractive and interactive visual format, customize it with pictures, stickers and essential memos, as well as share your work with co-workers or friends.