NovaNET tape and disk backup software for Windows, NetWare, and Linux networks is designed for cross-platform environments to meet the demands of users with either homogeneous or mixed operating systems installed, all of which can be centrally managed through its common graphical user interface.

NovaNET 9 easily and economically adapts to ensure complete data protection whatever the user environment could be.

Convenient features for remote administration, distributed backup processing, redundant tape drives, virtual-tape-on-disk and disaster recovery are seamlessly integrated and can be enabled to fit the user's requirements.

Additional online data protection plug-in services are available to support Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Oracle and open file backup.

Here are some key features of "NovaNET for Windows Networks":

■ Modular Architecture - Provides the foundation for a flexible solution that easily grows from a single-server to a many-server environment

■ Media Encryption - Integrated and easy to implement software encryption allows users to quickly and easily select one of three encryption levels.

■ Self-Tuning Logic Automation - Automatically calculates and dynamically adjusts the number of concurrent data streams to ensure backups complete in the prescribed backup window

■ Unlimited Backup to Disk - Ensures optimal backup performance by providing ability to backup directly to and restore from disk regardless of data volume

■ Disk-to-Disk-to-Any (D2D2Ne) - Quickly and easily implement data copy policies that allow you to seamlessly backup data to disk for fast backups/recoveries and then copy to tape for security and disaster protection

■ Bare Metal Disaster Recovery - Create a bootable image for complete, quick, and easy system recovery without reinstalling the operating system or applications

■ Calendar-based scheduling - Highly flexible scheduler makes it simple to customize automated backup to suit any need

■ Easy, wizard-driven job setup - Quickly and easily install, configure, and manage your data protection strategy. NEW! Quick Access Tray icon enables quick access to management tasks.

■ Easy recovery - Full tracking of backups to allow easy selection of data to be recovered, including specific versions of files; restore from VTL results in rapid recovery of data

■ Quick and simple install - Enables you to begin protecting your data in minutes

■ Application and Database Agents - Native data protection for popular applications such as MS Exchange Server and MS SQL Server

■ Protection for unlimited number of networked desktops Protect important data stored on networked PCs

■ Native support for Windows, Linux, or Netware NovaNET Standard runs natively allowing you to use the best platform for your business


■ Pentium or higher CPU

■ 256 MB RAM required, 512 MB recommended

■ Minimum 400 MB free disk space

■ 20 GB recommended for Master Server

■ Internet Explorer 6 or higher