novaPDF Server Lite is a very simple-to-use application which allows you to convert any printable document to the PDF format.

In order to access this tool, you can either load the printing function within any program that supports it or simply run novaPDF Server Lite's executable file.

So, you can input your own preferences when it comes to the page (size, orientation, copies, graphics), fonts and document information (e.g. title, subject, author).

On top of that, you can change saving options (e.g. prompt extended Save disable, run application after the save option) and create and edit profiles.

In addition, you can specify the output file name and destination, enable novaPDF Server Lite to append to or insert before an existing PDF file, set the PDF password if it is required, set novaPDF Server Lite to stay on top of other processes and to open the PDF document with the default viewing after saving it, and more.

The program uses a very low amount of system resources which is barely noticeable, includes a complete help file for novices (too bad it doesn't have snapshots), quickly finishes a task and manages to keep a very good quality when it comes to the text layout, shapes and images.

All in all, novaPDF Server Lite is an excellent application for converting files to the PDF extension and we highly recommend it to all users, regardless of their experience level.