Granted, not only do Windows Updates habitually install at the most inappropriate times, but they are also known to introduce bugs, break features that were working just fine and create incompatibilities with the programs installed on your computer. If you came across any of these situations then there is a good chance that you are looking for a solution to turn off the pesky updates

As the name suggests, NoVirusThanks Win Update Stop is a lightweight utility that enables you to enable and disable the Windows Updates service manually.

The application comes with a simple GUI that consists of a single window where you can easily turn the service on and off whenever necessary. While the app displays a message of the current state of service, there is only one button active at the time.

The tool includes a shortcut that permits you to access the Updates section in the Control Panel and determine whether your operating system includes the latest update. You should bear in mind that accessing this feature turns the Windows Updates on automatically.

It can be argued that you can avoid all sort of issues by accessing the Advanced settings and selecting the option that allows you to download and install updates. Unfortunately, this feature is no longer available with Windows 10 so opting for a specialized app is an alternative to consider.

It is important to note that turning off the updates is not an overall recommended step, particularly for average users. After all, let's not forget that new patches come with fixes for a wide array of bugs, add new features and help maintain your system secure, most importantly.

In the eventuality that you have solid reasons to turn off the Windows Updates service so that you can use an important app on your PC or do a rollback to fix a bug introduced by the new patch, for instance, then perhaps NoVirusThanks Win Update Stop could come in handy.