Nozzles Collection:

1200+ royalty-free nozzles for instant use in Corel Painter for superb paint effects / sprays and splatters

Mixed designs

A superb toolkit for 1000s of uses throughtout Painter

All the super colorful nozzles in this collection are royalty-free and can be used in any commercial project, enthusiast, hobby, creative project, anywhere.

Works with the latest version, Corel Painter IX

Nozzles Collection Includes:

Abstract nozzles

Bevel nozzles for Corel Painter

Blobby nozzles

Blots nozzles

Blurred nozzles

Circular nozzles

Colorful nozzles

Dynamic nozzles

Flower nozzles

Furry nozzles

Glowing nozzles

Gradients nozzles

Grayscale nozzles

Grid nozzles

Line nozzles

Painted nozzles

Petal nozzles

Pyramid nozzles

Ring nozzles

Rough nozzles

Spirals nozzles

Starburst nozzles desgins

Star nozzles

Tangled lines nozzles

Warped nozzles

Wobbly lines nozzles

Zigzag nozzles

and many many more nozzles

Nozzle Notes

Auto clone; use as a source for blobs (pasteboard); capture nozzle/brush to create new brush dab; apply nozzles as sprays; apply nozzles as a continious stream of paint; use nozzles as splatters; capture nozzle brush strokes and replay; combine nozzles and effects; use nozzles on layers and apply with different blending modes and effects and more

Superb colorful paint brush effects for the 'Painter ™' Image Hose

The set contains a wide range of hi-rez nozzles designs for use in Painter

Use a nozzle/image floater and warp command to create wonderful nozzle distortions. Save the nozzle using the drop and select (perhaps with some tweaking to improve the alpha channel) and save as a RIFF and reload as nozzle for a warped nozzle effect.

Paint nozzles (varying the scaling) on top of nozzles and re-save the nozzles

Nozzles are great as fills for text.

Nozzles can be excellent sources for grains and patterns.

Nozzles can, via patterns, be used as an excellent clone source and a source for numerous effects such as glass distortions.

Or just use a single nozzles as a source for a grain or pattern

Nozzles can be used as overlays via floaters or apply multiple floaters and change the composite methods to create weird color scheme nozzle display

The nozzles also work in Painter 3D - opening up a wide range of 3D imagery for the nozzles. Superb for textures and 3D applications.

Use the nozzles in esoterica->autoclone for superb backgrounds

Select a nozzle and place in the clipboard, apply blobs using pasteboard option for surreal stretchy nozzle organic nozzles

Open the nozzle file and drag into the floater palette and use as a floater

Paint a few nozzles, adjust color, paint more nozzles, creating a colorful overlay

Open a nozzle, apply a grain or image luminance, save, and use the paper-tinged nozzle as a new brush stroke

Use different spacing settings to create a tube of paint or a splatter spray of nozzles.

Use the image hose/brush grid option to paint a grid of nozzles

Use the capture dab and capture a nozzle and use for charcoal or oil. Save the brush dab and save the brush variant, modify the XML code to create stunning new nozzle brushes

The nozzles can be read in Corel Photo-Paint and via TIFF in others

To add a nozzle to a nozzle library 1) Open nozzle RIFF file 2) Go to brushes menu 3) Select nozzle menu 4) Add to nozzle library 5) Use the nozzle mover feature to move to other libraries The nozzles in this set are not stored in nozzle libraries.

Create splatters and spray nozzle paint effects via nozzles scaling

You can also create your own variant hose brushes to add to the brush palette.

Hose variants also can be developed (even using a mouse instead of a pen) using information from expression palette.

You can also record nozzle brush strokes to create extreme nozzle brush strokes

Looks / nozzles are great combinations for superb hi-impact repeatable creative effects

Another way to create an instant frame is to use the selection and select most of the image, invert the select and then paint or auto clone