The nrComm Lib includes some components, classes and routines useful for work with data and voice modems, barcode scanners, serial port devices and speech conversion and other communication tasks.

It includes a TnrComm component for RS232 serial port, TnrCommTAPI component for work with TAPI devices (ordinary data modems and voice modems).

TnrZModem component for common file transfer protocol support. TnrBarCodeScan component for bar code scanners.

TnrWave component with wide functions for sound playing, recording and redirecting. TnrSpeech component for text to speech conversion SAPI.

Here are some key features of "nrComm Lib":

· Serial com and barcode scan features - TnrComm and TnrBarCodeScan components

· Bluetooth - TnrBT component

· Terminal support - TnrTerminal component

· Telephone API (TAPI) features - TnrCommTAPI component

· GSM - TnrGSM component

· Zmodem protocol - TnrZModem component

· LPT ports - TnrLpt component

· USB ports - TnrUSB component

· Logging with wide options for all events and errors (TnrLogFile)

· Handling all exceptions and fatal errors an all levels for multi threading critical applications.

· Context help

· Simple Install/Uninstall program

· Demo projects

· Delphi 3-7,2005 C++Builder 3-6 support

· Kylix 1-3 support (partial! Without Win32 specific features)

· Tested with Windows 9x,Me,NT,2K,XP,2003