One man's trash is another man's treasure. Something of no further value to you can end up in a collection or museum. When it comes to coins, applications like Numismatist's Notebook II give you the possibility to cleverly keep track of your coin collection, with every detail there is to know and pictures.

Running the application brings up the main window with a sufficiently large list where your collection is displayed. Hitting the “Add Coin” is how to create new entries. You are required to specify the category, year and quantity with the possibility to also mention cost, value, additional comments or even select pictures to be displayed for each side.

A large variety of categories are available to choose from when creating a new entry, but you can also add your own through the options menu.

Besides keeping track of items you already posses, the application gives you the possibility to create a wish list. Adding coins is done similarly to the process mentioned above, only with fewer requirement fields.

Whenever you find a coin from the wish list you are able to simply move it to the collection with a few mouse clicks. Additionally, you can create search statistics to better view of the rate of success when looking for desired items to add to your collection. You are able to print a copy of lists or even export it to file as web page, CSV and TXT.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Numismatist's Notebook II is a handy application you can use to better keep track of your precious coin collection. The interface allows you to quickly access all provided functions, and the overall design leaves nothing more to be desired.