Oferenda Calendar is a simple, yet effective utility that displays a monthly calendar right to your desktop, allowing you to navigate through months with ease. It also displays people who celebrate the Yemanja goddess, also known as a spirit protector of children and the essence of motherhood.

Designed mostly for users who are always searching for peace and harmony, Oferenda Calendar brings in foreground images with people who are enjoying the traditions that commemorate the Yemanja deity.

Each month displays a customized image with men, women and children who celebrate the Yemanja spirit by wearing traditional clothes and following strict rituals.

Working with Oferenda Calendar is very simply. It stays on top of all the applications and allows you to navigate through months with ease. However, a downside of the program is that it does not allow you to jump to a specific month or year automatically. It requires you to use the proper buttons that allow you to move back and forth to each month.

When it comes to simply memorizing basic notes for specific days, the application does not allow you to do so.

Considering the main purpose for which it was designed, Oferenda Calendar is only a simple and easy-to-use utility that displays a monthly calendar alongside images with people that celebrate the Yemanja spirit.

All in all, Oferenda Calendar works quite well, despite its less appealing looks. Its functions are a little too simple, considering that similar products come with support for basic actions such as customizable alarms or the possibility to add notes.