Office 2007 Settings Backup Wizard Pro is an application which designed to help you backup and recovery your Office 2007 personal settings. Backup your Quick Access Toolbar Customizations! Backup Using the application is as simple as clicking Backup or Restore. The application is safe, thin and responsive.

Saves and Restores your Quick Access Toolbars, Macros, Stationary, Themes, Dictionaries, Templates, Add-Ins, Email Account Profiles and much more.

Office 2007 Settings Backup Wizard will back up and restore your personal and custom settings for any of your installed Office 2007 applications. If your settings are lost or corrupted, they can easily be restored to any previous available backup point. This also means you can actually have multiple settings profiles saved and swap back and forth between them. Earlier versions of Microsoft Office were pre-packaged with an additional tool called the "Save my settings Wizard".

With the advent of Office 2007, this functionality was moved and incorporated into the MS Vista operating system as a small part of their larger and more complex System State Backup Tool. This left users of Windows XP without any means of saving their settings. This is where Office 2007 Settings Backup Wizard Steps in and saves the day. Users of MS Vista will still find the tool useful as it can encapsulate multiple backups and is considerably more easy to use. Need to save just your Quick Access Toolbars? Or move your Quick Access toolbar to another machine - it's all possible with this backup application.

The Office 2007 Settings Backup Wizard is an independently developed application and was not developed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft and Microsoft Office 2007 is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.