Office suites these days come in so many “shapes and sizes” and the difficulty lies not only in choosing the right one for you but also in dealing with the inherent complexity that most carry. Nevertheless, that diversity is a good thing, as users will somehow manage to find the right tool for them. One such program is Office Pack Lite for Document, Spreadsheet and Slide, which presents users with a condensed yet comprehensive alternative to more established office suites, such as Microsoft Office or Apache OpenOffice.

Regardless if users have had the opportunity of using similar Office-type apps in the past, or they are at their first contact with such programs, this suite covers both scenarios adequately.

That is because it’s simple enough to avoid hindering accessible usage but also manages to retain all the “classic” features that one might expect to find in a program of such type and caliber, namely a document, spreadsheet, and presentation manager.

When looking at each component in detail, we were unable to find any apparent issues or potential caveats, and we were happy to see that a great deal of attention was paid in order to fill-up each component with some of the most commonly used tools and features, as well as extras.

Therefore, novices and more advanced users alike will most likely find what they require, be it that they need to write an essay, perform some calculus in spreadsheets or, prepare a presentation. All of that encapsulated into a quite accessible package.

If you value simplicity in an Office suite, and at the same time seek an alternative to the classics out there, this package can offer great functionality and a good assortment of tools and features for creating, editing, and managing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.