Office Roulette is a program meant to make your days at the office a little bit easier and funnier. It sustains an enjoyable and dynamic work environment by enabling access to a platform where people can collectively participate in creative games with commonly shared goals.

The tool has a bunch of creative features. The main focus is kept on interactive games meant to benefit the whole team and to create amusing moments that can reduce stress and anxiety caused by stressful situations or demanding tasks. All the team members should participate in these requests. There is a minimum of two individuals needed to start a roulette game.

One of the members can use the roulette button to create a new instance. The stakes are being set. Traditionally, the tool has a couple of pre-determined ones — 'Who has to get the coffee,' 'Who has to get the drinks,' 'Who has to get lunch,' etc. You can create, through common agreement, a new, custom one. All the active peers will receive a pop-up notification asking them if they want to join. Once everyone has responded to the request (positive/negative), the game starts.

The 'Roulette Labs' is one of the tool's features that focuses on trying to make your workflow a bit more organized and bearable. This feature is specifically useful for people who forget to stand up and stay absorbed in their work all day, always on the chair. It will send you sit/stand notifications to remind you to move and let your body and eyes have a little rest.

The options to set these reminders are quite nice and easy to use. You have to create a custom profile based on your goals and the percentage of standing time you want to reach. Set your working days and hours and choose the pause intervals. Based on your chosen preferences, you will get announcements letting you know it is time to stand up or have a break.

The tool has a nice touch to it but some elements must be refined. The Roulette's robotic voice could be softened or customizable and some notifications messages should be revised. Most likely, the initial build had the texts written in Dutch. Thus, this is probably the reason why sometimes, some words appear written in Dutch, despite having chosen English as your standard language, in the setups. Nevertheless, leaving aside the mentioned flaws, the program works well and looks like a nice way to create interactive games that keep team members engaged.