A PDF document can hold different types of content, but it can’t be extracted or edited that easily. For instance, you might need to grab some images from such a document. For this task, you can rely on applications like O&K Printer Viewer Pro for a simple, intuitive process with multiple supported export options.

By default, the main window shows up empty, with most of the space split into two panes, and an upper toolbar which holds all functions you get to work with. On one side, there’s a thumbnail pane for easy preview and navigation, while the other shows the whole page in more detail, for close inspection.

However, the application isn’t directly oriented towards PDF management, but on the contrary, PDF is among export options at your disposal. Files you get to load need to be under formats like PCL5, HP-GL/2, PCL. Postscript, GDI, EMF, SP, and XQX, which means you generally have to do with spool files.

Navigation is done with the help of simple tools. You can skip pages, or use a built-in function to directly access a specific one, but it’s easier to rely on the thumbnail pane. Pages can be rotated, and you can even zoom in or out for more details. Moreover, the general page view can be set to continuous, in case you just want to go through the whole document.

Each page can be individually saved under several different formats like PDF, EMF, BMP, GIF, JPEG, or TIFF. However, you can either export them individually, or the entire content, and it would have been useful to select a range of pages. On the other hand, you can take advantage of the print function for this operation, especially with an installed virtual printer.

To sum it up, O&K Printer Viewer Pro is a practical little utility that can help you easily convert several types of spool files in a more convenient format you can use in your projects. However, it feels a little rough around the edges overall, starting with the visual design, all the way to the poor set of features it comes with.