One of the main reasons why VPN services are widely used is the possibility to remove location restrictions imposed by certain websites. OkayFreedom can help you do just that, unlocking blocked websites and protecting your online identity.

The application is intended for securing your Internet connection, while also modifying the location settings, so that the website servers you access think you are located in a different country.

OkayFreedom does not provide an actual GUI, but you can configure its settings using the right-click context menu of the tray icon, which comprises options for turning the service on or shutting it down, as well as setting the desired location.

You can choose from multiple countries from all continents, it's entirely up to you. If the website or video you are trying to access is not available in a country, then simply change it and try again. However, make sure that you monitor the data traffic usage, since it is limited in the cost-free version of the application.

You can disable the connection to the VPN server with a single click and wait for your original identity to be restored. In order to ensure continuous protection, OkayFreedom can be set to run at system startup.

Virtual private networks hide the real location of the connected computers, giving users the freedom to access protected resources (such as a company's intranet) and bypass geographical restrictions, no matter where they really are.

OkayFreedom allows uncensored browsing, offering you the possibility to access blocked website content, while also concealing your real location and identity during Internet sessions. It is a reliable VPN service that allows anonymous surfing, protecting your privacy and preventing websites from performing tracing operations.