Okdo Website to Image Converter is a straightforward tool that allows you to export website content to multiple popular image formats. It can process any number of user-provided URLs, as well as HTM or HTML documents in one operation.

However, it is not possible to convert each item to a different format during the same processing job.

You can insert a web address manually, but the application can also scan a particular domain and extract URLs depending on user-specified parameters. You can define a maximum link depth and choose whether or not the program should include external addresses.

If you already have the necessary content saved on your computer, you can just insert the HTML files the data is stored in. The application offers support for drag and drop actions, making it easy to add new items to the processing queue.

Okdo Website to Image Converter allows you to modify the output file's dimensions by inserting the desired width and height values. Also, you can alter the size of the website/HTML frame and adjust image compression level.

Additionally, text or image watermarks can be applied to the output files. You can preview the overlays to fine-tune their placement, but it is not possible to insert a custom image as the background.

While the application does support batch conversion, you cannot assign separate profiles to each item, should you wish to export them to different formats.

Okdo Website to Image Converter is not particularly impressive from a visual standpoint, as its interface appears to be somewhat out-of-date.

All in all, this is a simple utility that can help you convert website content to numerous image formats. It can batch process URLs or HTML documents, but lacks advanced functions, and its interface is rather outdated.