Oleansoft HC Security is a LAN monitoring application that you can use to keep an eye on the users' activity on all computers in your network. It comes in handy both for worried parents and employers, helping them make sure that the system resources are not misused.

Relying on a client-server architecture, the application must be installed in 'admin' mode on the main computer and in 'employee' mode on all the workstations that are to be monitored. Intended for remote monitoring, the application can take snapshots of active windows or the entire desktop of the target PC.

A single admin station can be configured to oversee up to 250 client stations, using webcams and microphones as a way to monitor computer activity. Workstations can be categorized into several groups and the screen of all the target computers can be viewed simultaneously by splitting the main window of the 'Admin' application.

In order to connect a computer to the 'Admin' PC, all you have to do is enter the IP address of the client and the port number to use. As for the recording source, Oleansoft HC Security can be configured to use a webcam or the PC screen, supporting up to 2 monitors.

The administrator can set the capture interval to a specific duration and adjust the picture quality as desired. Hidden Camera 250x1 can also capture the audio input for microphones and set the recording duration.

One of the most important features of Oleansoft HC Security is that it can run in visible or hidden mode, the latter preventing the user of the target computer from detecting its presence.

Not only that Oleansoft HC Security enables you to monitor other computers, but it can also serve as a troubleshooting assistant, thanks to its remote control feature. Furthermore, it allows you to send messages to the client workstations and use the work time counter to track your employees.