There are many websites and services that can only be accessed by users living in a certain country, meaning that they are restricted to the residents of other countries. If you want to bypass these restrictions, you can try a dedicated application, such as Olive.

This application can also be used by those who are not interested in accessing blocked websites, but rather want to make sure their web surfing cannot be tracked.

Due to Olive, you can change your IP and you can make it seem as if you are located in a different country, thus ensuring your privacy is protected.

If you want to speed up the process of connecting to the Internet using another country’s IPs, you can access the Advanced Mode and set up profiles, with custom rules.

More precisely, each profile needs to feature a name and at least one rule, where you specify the country that you want to access one or several websites from. Additionally, you can activate the encryption, but you need to keep in mind that a specialized utility is needed if you want to deal with sensitive info while connected via proxy.

Telling someone that they should connect to the Internet using a proxy server might scare them off since it seems a complicated thing to do - however, if you use Olive, this task no longer seems troublesome.

All in all, Olive can be used by beginners and experts alike, as each of them can find a suitable use for this app within their daily tasks. You only need to select a country from the supported ones, then browse the web just like you would normally do it, as no additional settings are required.