The original Olympic Games were started in 776 BC in Olympia. It were a series of athletic competitions held between various city-states of Ancient Greece.

The first of the International Olympic Committee's Olympic Games were the 1896 Summer Olympics, held in Athens, Greece. From the 241 participants from 14 nations in 1896, the Games grew to nearly 11,100 competitors from 202 countries at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens.

Feel the spirits of Olympia! Use this screensaver to create a festive atmosphere on your screen and prepare for the upcoming Olympic Games from Beijing!

Here are some key features of "Olympic Stadium 3D Screensaver":

■ Realistic 3D environment

■ Olympic Stadium

■ Brilliant graphics

■ Festive Music and Olympic sounds

■ Olympic Torch

■ Lively lights

■ Colorful Fireworks


■ Pentium III or higher

■ 32 Mb Video Memory

■ DirectX 9.0 or higher


■ 5 days trial period

■ Nag screen after 60 seconds