omnidea Rulers is a lightweight software application developed specifically for helping you perform screen measurement tasks with the aid of a ruler. The tool allows you to generate multiple rulers, employ the ruler in a multi-monitor environment, and work with a magnifier.

You can view a couple of rulers for each connected monitor. Plus, you are given the freedom to customize the appearance and position of the desktop rulers via the Preference panel. If you double-click the ruler, you can quickly change the measurement unit.

When it comes to measurement actions, you can drag a screen ruler in order to create a guide line. You may generate horizontal, vertical, and intersected guide lines via hotkeys. It gets a simple mouse click on a guide line in order to view the size of the currently highlighted segment of the line.

Other notable configuration settings worth being mentioned enable you to hide screen rulers, automatically measure the size of a screen area, take a screenshot of the whole screen or custom area, and export the snapshots to PNG file format or copy them to the clipboard.

The program offers support for a small floating panel, so-called inspector or info window. It reveals information about the current mouse pointer position and color of the active pixel, as well as magnified view of the area around the mouse cursor. In case you no longer find the inspector’s panel useful, you may hide it from your view.

omnidea Rulers lets you alter each rule in terms of background, foreground, highlight, and lines color, desktop position, opacity, and unit of measurement.

Tests have pointed out that the application carries out a task quickly and without errors. It does not eat up a lot of CPU and memory resources, so the overall performance of the system is not hampered.

The bottom line is that omnidea Rulers comes packed with several smart and handy features for helping you measure and inspect everything present on your screen.