There are numerous applications out there that can help you share your Internet connection with other devices, and Omnify Hotspot is one of them.

It needs to be emphasized from the beginning that you cannot enjoy the functions of this application if your computer does not come with a built-in wireless adapter or if you did not attach one beforehand.

Having this piece of hardware is the only way to ensure that you can effectively share your computer's Internet connection with various other devices.

Omnify Hotspot comes with a minimalist GUI, making it easy even for novices to choose the network card they want to connect to, then assign a name to the newly created connection and protect it with a password. As soon as all these steps are completed, you can start the hotspot and connect your other device to it (provided you enter the correct credentials).

You can disconnect it just as easily, with a single mouse click, when you have completed your work.

Additionally, Omnify Hotspot allows you to get an overview of all the devices that are currently connected to your hotspot, as well as a list with the devices that were previously connected.

If you want to speed up the creation of a hotspot, you can set Omnify Hotspot to run at startup, meaning that no additional action is required for launching the main window of the app. From this point on, you can setup the hotspot with all the existing parameters within seconds.

Moreover, you can prevent your PC from entering sleep mode when a hotspot is detected.

All in all, Omnify Hotspot is a useful application that can help you avoid Wi-Fi charges by using your computer's Internet connection on your portable devices.