Special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays or christenings usually involve gifts or other tokens of appreciation. One of the most common ways of showing your appreciation is by sending greeting cards.

Although you can easily buy them from numerous locations, it is also possible to generate your own cards by relying on third-party software, such as On This Day in History.

You can install this application in an easy manner, as it does not require additional configuration steps. It comes with a simple user interface, thus allowing you to access and benefit from its functions entirely, without difficulties.

This program does not provide you with a standard configuration window, menu or pane whatsoever, as many of its functions are intuitive and do not require any adjustments.

On This Day in History allows you to generate fun greeting cards for various occasions, such as birthdays, weddings or christenings. You just need to type the name, choose an event type, select a printer and define the event date.

It is possible to choose your preferred style from a list and apply it on your cards. Additionally, you can download extra content by choosing the corresponding option under the Style menu.

After you specify the required values (e.g. name, date or type), you can either preview your card or send it directly to the printer. The application automatically generates a greeting card that includes important events that occurred on the same day or year.

You can save your print output as a file on your computer before actually printing it, thus allowing you to access it later, if needed.

To sum it up, On This Day in History is a lightweight application that allows you to create and print fun greeting cards for various occasions.