One-click DVD Shrinker is a small and easy to use program that allows you to shrink your DVDs with a push of a button. Try this fast and easy-to-use DVD shrinker program to create high-quality, reliable backup copies of any DVD movies. With One-click DVD Shrinker you can use regular DVD-R discs, not that expensive 9Gb double-layers DVDs. In spite of shrinking movie from 9Gb to 4.7Gb its quality leaves the same.

DVD Shrinker makes a "shrinked" copy of protected DVD movies which cannot be processed with majority of DVD copying programs. One-click DVD Shrinker always saves as much movie quality as possible, providing a DVD copy with perfect picture. It has a clear, quick interface so you can shrink and copy DVD to DVD, DVD to ISO, ISO to DVD with just a click of a mouse.