OneNote Password is a handy utility designed to help you recover forgotten or lost passwords from OneNote notebook files.

OneNote Password can recover passwords from any kind of ONE file, regardless if it is created with the old 2003 version, the 2013 one or even the latest 2016 Preview. However, the newer the OneNote edition, the lower the recovery speed.

The application is very easy to use, thanks to its clean and intuitive interface. You just have to open a file, select the attack method and leave the rest to OneNote Password.

OneNote Password enables you to select from three attack methods. The Dictionary attack tries to recover the password based on a file containing a word list. The application integrates several useful files including names and English, German, Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese words. A nice feature is that you can configure OneNote Password to reverse the words or capitalize all the letters, so as to try out as many combinations as possible.

The second method, named Brute-Force, enables you to recover a password based on combinations of characters. In this case, the length of the password must be between 1 and 19 symbols. You can configure the search behavior, selecting the type of characters OneNote Password should use.

Last, but not least, the 'Mixed' method allows you to combine the first two options. In case you only remember a few symbols, you can define part of the password and the application starts its search based on the predefined characters.

Depending on your computer's performance (especially the CPU speed) and the length of the password, the recovery process might take more or less time.

A very useful feature of OneNote Password is that it also uses your GPU's calculation power. Taking into consideration that the graphic card can process up to 820 passwords per second, OneNote Password might achieve the shortest recovery times possible.