Windows 8 was the first operating system released by Microsoft that came without a Start Menu, and many users did not appreciate this change. Those who want to restore this function to their computer can only turn to third-party applications, such as OneStart.

The utility installs without any issues and you can get to enjoy its features within seconds - the default look is the one inspired by Windows 7, since this OS is highly popular among Windows users everywhere.

If you want to preserve the Windows 8 Modern UI for your newly added Start Menu, you can go for the Windows 8-inspired one, thus gaining access to the all the apps from the Start Screen without actually switching to it.

It is worth mentioning that no matter the style you choose, you will not be able to access the Start Screen any longer, as pressing the Windows key brings up the Start Menu.

Another handy feature of OneStart is that it brings all the power options within reach, since these are quite hard to find when using Windows 8.

In other words, if you choose the Windows 7-inspired Start Menu, you get to enjoy all the functions of the original one, including fast access to shutdown, hibernate, switch user, sleep, logout and reboot.

You can also select the action that is associated to the main power button, so you can effortlessly power off or restart your PC when needed.

All in all, OneStart can prove to come in handy to all those looking to retrieve the familiar Start Menu they used in Windows 7. This is exactly what they will find, as all the well-known features are all brought back, including the possibility to type a keyword and explore all the matching files within an instant.

You can also replace the Start button with a custom image, or simply apply one from the several provided within OneStart.