Keeping connected to media channels while working or studying on the computer isn't too difficult, but if you want to eliminate the distractions that come with a web browser when trying to watch videos on YouTube, you can turn to OneTube.

This is a desktop application that focuses on simplicity. It plays YouTube clips in a small, resizable window, so you don't have to launch web browsers or use complicated programs just to be able to watch YouTube content without ads or any other unnecessary elements.

The tiny utility gets installed swiftly and without special requirements. Once fired up, you are greeted by a small, empty window, where you can click a button on the upper-right corner to paste a YouTube link. The window stays on top of other applications, ensuring a good view regardless of the environment you're working in.

All YouTube media controls are available here too. For instance, you can copy the video's URL or URL at the current time, copy the embed code or debug info, enable looping, as well as view nerd stats from the right-click menu.

Furthermore, you can control the playback speed and quality or play another video by pasting its link. This is where OneTube's functionality ends. Because it focuses on simplicity, it doesn't come bundled with additional features, such as inserting playlist links or automatically playing the next YouTube clip in a playlist.

However, the application ran smoothly in our tests. It didn't have rendering issues and left minimal footprint on system resources consumption. Taking everything into account, OneTube comes in handy for users who wish to enjoy YouTube clips in a minimalistic window, without the need of a web browser. No kind of configuration is required to get it up and running.