OLH Everyday allow businesses to brand everyday emails

OLH Everyday is a sophisticated interactive marketing tool designed to allow businesses to brand their everyday emails. We developed our software to work within Microsoft's Outlook® and/or Outlook Express® so you don't have to change the way you send email!

In the past sending branded emails was a daunting task. Necessary skills and talent were needed to create your own email stationery and other companies that offer their services have not been able to match the quality and the striking design that the OLH Design Team maintains. Not only are the designs of highest quality, no other company has been able to offer the same services and features that make OnLetterhead unique.

Our software is a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. Once downloaded and installed you will notice a new toolbar appear the next time you use Outlook. This is where you control all of the different branding elements of your email. Once you have chosen the elements you want to use in your message simply click the OLH "New" button to compose. What's unique about our software is that we give you the ability to type directly into your branded design so you can see exactly how your message will look before you send it.

There are two types of designs to choose from when ordering OLH Everyday.


If you choose to order a custom design series our OLH Design Team will create four unique branded email templates that will perfectly reflect your company's brand. Your input is valuable and you will have final approval so you get exactly the design you want.


We have created hundreds of eye-catching, full color, professionally designed branded email templates organized into many categories ranging from business to holidays. All designs are ready to use, and they all have the ability to easily brand them with your company's logo and contact information.


■ Microsoft Outlook - 2000, XP, 2003 and/or Outlook Express 6

■ A valid Email Address

■ An internet connection


■ 15 days trial