Radio provides us with an easy way to listen to our favorite songs or hear the latest news, all made possible with the help of technology that uses signaling and communication through radio waves.

Nowadays, we can listen to our favorite radio channels directly from the desktop, but it usually gets tedious to jump from website to website just to switch from a radio channel to another.

Online Radio - Free Live FM AM comes with a great solution and gathers together more than 40.000 radio stations into one single Microsoft Store App.

Almost any radio station that you know of, from any country, can be accessed through this easy-to-use program. The app is pretty basic in terms of functionality, as it comes with only 3 tabs. When you start Online Radio - Free FM AM, you will land on the Recommended tab first, which acts as the start page as well. Here, you will find mostly local stations from your own country.

The second tab is called the Favorite Stations, where you will keep all your saved radio stations. To add one to the favorites list, you just need to click the heart-shaped icon from the toolbar that pops up when you select a station.

And the third tab, which is called Stations By Genre, will provide you with various categories you can pick from. I find this page to be quite useful, as here you can explore and discover stations that you may like and you've never heard of before.

Or, in case you are getting bored of listening to the same old stations, you can check this page and see if there is something that might catch your interest. The categories you can find here are plentiful. You can discover, from regular stations such as world news, relaxation or party music, to the likes of comedy, workout or sports stations.

With a simple-to-use interface and a way to keep your favorite stations easily accessible, Online Radio - Free Live FM AM can become your go-to app for listening to radio at home or work.