No matter what security application you install, the computer is never fully protected. Not necessarily from malicious software, but accidents as well. O&O UnErase is a small utility that helps you recover deleted files so you don't have to worry about permanently losing work related items.

The main window of the application provides your primary workspace and is split into three sections. One offers several tools to aid you in the recovery process while the other two are simply for browsing through the scanned area.

Choosing the search option does a quick scan of all storage devices displaying every file it finds, whether it is deleted or not. Next you get to manually browse through the result in order to find the desired items and simply restoring it to a desired folder.

Another way in which search can be conducted is by choosing the advanced option. This brings up a new window with several fields that need to be filled. The more details you provide, the more accurate the result.

You can specify the exact path where the application to look in, as well as the file name and approximate size. Additionally, by checking a box you can mention whether or not the item has suffered from specific modification and in what intervals of time, specified in days.

Unfortunately, if you can't remember much about what you need to recover a lot of results appear, leaving you to manually browse again. There is no implemented search engine that allows you to easily find a desired file after main search is conducted.

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that O&O UnErase is a handy utility that helps you easily recover accidentally deleted files. The process overall is a little time-consuming but it manages to do a good job, considering you are patient. Leave those worries behind because no file is now forever lost.