Oposoft Video Joiner is an application that allows users to merge multiple video files with different formats into a single clip, making it possible to play your files on various types of devices.

Having a user-friendly and intuitive interface, this tool can be configured by experienced and novice users alike. Most of the program's layout is used to display the files that you load, with a preview screen on the right side.

The tool lets you add single or multiple video files at once. Unfortunately, the items that you wish to be merged can be loaded only using the browse dialog since the utility doesn't support drag-and-drop options.

Oposoft Video Joiner works with a wide range of formats, such as AVI, DivX, Xvid, MPEG, MPG, DAT, WMV, ASF, RM, MP4, and many others.

This tool does not only support joining actions of multiple video clips with the same format to one file, but it also allows merging videos with different formats into one clip.

This program comes with a lot of settings that can be tweaked. You can choose the video codec, resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate. You can also select the audio channels, volume, sample rate, and much more. The application has very good merging speed and output quality.

Oposoft Video Joiner can be used to take snapshots from your videos and save them to one of the four supported image formats, namely JPEG, BMP, TIFF, or PNG.

After the video joining process is completed, you can make the program activate automatic actions. A few of them are: open the output folder, exit the utility, turn off your computer, and much more.

To sum it up, thanks to its great speed and output quality, Oposoft Video Joiner is an excellent choice if you are looking for a tool that allows you to join multiple videos into a single file.