Optimum Data Recovery, Inc. is a well known data recovery company because of its reliable, efficient and timely recovery services. We carry out the recovery of data from all sorts of storage devices including Hard Disks, RAID Arrays, Laptops, Flash Drives and all other storage media at our data recovery labs.

Optimum Data Recovery for FAT Formatted is a non-destructable software which allows the users to retrieve all the lost files and folders from FAT file system that has been formatted in a short duration of time. The software has a user friendly interface.

Optimum Data Recovery for FAT Formatted software recovers all your lost files and directories from FAT File System that has been formatted. If your drive running FAT has been formatted accidentally or by any other data loss reason then this software is meant for you. Optimum Data Recovery for FAT Formatted brings data back from the formatted drive in a limited amount of time. The software can be easily operated by any person.

Optimum Data Recovery for FAT Formatted is a safe tool as it doesn't harm the drive whose data is lost. The software has a user user friendly interface that allows you to recover both deleted and un-deleted data from a formatted drive running FAT. After the recovery you can access your files and directories in the same manner as they were before data loss.

Here are some key features of "Optimum Data Recovery for FAT Formatted":

· Provides data recovery from a Formatted drive.

· Allows you to browse your Drives and displays both un-deleted and deleted files.

· Recovers all missing files and directories.

· It recovers files and directories from FAT 12, FAT 16 and FAT 32.

· Recovers deleted files and folders even after the usage of Shift + Del Keys.

· Allows navigation to parent folder.

· Recovers files even after FDISK

· Recovers deleted files and folders even after Recycle Bin has been emptied.

· Provides recovery of all file types.

· Recovers your deleted files and deleted directories of any type or size.

· Powerful directory Scanner, which scans your drive in a very short duration of time.

· Efficient directory Structure Builder that builds directory structure within minutes.

· Very simple User Interface. Recovers lost data in just two steps.

· View the files that are hidden by some other Utility.

· Windows Browser like Interface, which shortens the time for user training.

· Find deleted Files and directories with their exact long name.

· Drive Protection: System also locks the infected drives and doesn't allow you to save recovered data on infected drives.


· RAM Requirement:

· Minimum 128 MB, 256 MB recommended

· Screen Resolution:

· Minimum 800 x 600

· Disk Capacity:

· 2MB to 3MB

· Processor:

· P-III or higher.